SunSation Saddle Jewelry

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Aside from jewelry making, Julia enjoys riding horses & is a member of the SunSation Rodeo Flag Team with her horse Lucy! This team travels across WA state to various rodeos performing an intricate group pattern to music. 
For many years the team adorned their horses with saddle pads which had nickel silver corner accents. Since then, this style has been retired leaving a stack of silver ready for its next purpose…jewelry! Julia is excited to offer 4 necklace and 4 keychain styles with the repurposed silver. Hold a piece of SunSation history with one of these pieces, and support the team: 100% of the sales will go back to the team to support their travels.

Important Note: due to the repurposing, the back of these pieces will have sanding marks from where screws were removed, but these marks will not be visible from the front of the items. 

If you have any special requests please email

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