Wholesale Ring Pack

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Join the Stampede Jewelry herd in style with these packs of stamped rings & a display sheet to help your customers easily see what is available for purchase! 
You will receive a laminated sheet of the 5 designs & your choice of 5, 10, 15, or 20 rings of each design style.

You may choose one of the design sets I have created by selecting the option within the "Style" menu or I am happy to make customized styles for your business if you choose the "Custom" style option. For instance, if you'd like a ring to include a particular state shape, or the styles to be of western, sports, outdoors, etc. theme that can be specialized at no additional cost! Simply type in the "custom stamping" box what you'd like the ring styles to relate to.

Looking forward to filling your shops, coffee stands, boutiques, and more with Stampede Jewelry!